The Fruits

(click to open the minmap, password: TAGS)

The topics mentioned in the mind map above, show what we have been writing about during this semester. The categories being mentioned the most are society and journalism, which are topics all of us have been writing about. All put together, we have been covering contents from Berlusconi and european politics over human rights to stock markets. We have posted articles which have been published under altering categories. Hence we were able to connect matters which usually would not be put into a context at first sight. On the other hand, we have also been consistent in choosing fields of interest and thus becoming even more involved into the areas fascinating us.

The way we have been deciding our weekly topics has created some synergical effects and presents a discussion from more than one perspective. For example, both Pia and Anne have been writing some articles about the financial market and politics and the interest in printed news attained the interest of Fernanda and Mattias. Viktoria has made arts and society her main focus, which is also have been discussed by Pia and Fernanda. Moreover we discovered our individual fruit taste. While Pia and Anne preferred mangos (Economics) and Fernand and Mattias cutted the banana (journalism), Viktoria, Pia and Fernanda ate a strawberry (society) together. These are only the primary contents and as you can see on our mindmap, many more crossovers occured.

One of the main strengths of our group is our different approaches to get information, organize the work and various ways of discussing. Through our group meetings we have been evaluating our posts and learned from each other on order to create an interesting mix of fruits. Comparing the way of our work process in the beginning we can say, that we now prepare the posts more advanced, applying a technique from another juicepresser and seeing thing from different perspectives.

Where we started off

Compared to the mind map prepared in the beginning, we realized that some of the themes we planned to write about were not written about at all, as for example music. However, that was more a way for us to brainstorm than a pattern we wanted to copy. To start off with brainstorming was actually a really good idea. As the group grew bigger and more opinions came up, we broadened our views on the the main topic – News. We discovered that many aspects and articles we have been writing suited better than we originally would have thought. So, following our noses lead us into a direction where new areas were discovered but also ideas we had from the start have been used as guidelines.

Now, almost at the end of the semester we are able to research and present topics of our interest professionally. We learned how to position ourselves by connecting our oppinion’s to professional ones. Additionally it was great to discover the great variety of thoughts about a topic and how these build a fascinating picture. Exchanging thoughts and work patterns, over a fruitshake, really supported our development to where we are now – professional juicepressers.

(click to see the complete image password: NEWS)


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