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Facebook oh Facebook, why betray us like that?

Who´ve read my last post and who´s following the news, knows already about what Facebook is up to these days, and I must admit, that I´m a little disappointed but not nearly surprised. Big Brothers New Clothes As Froma Harrop so wonderfully wrote, big Brother had quite a fashion update: T-shirts, sweats, boyish grin, curly … Continue reading

With 2012 just started, do we have 1984 ahead of us?

Throughout this class I had more than once the opportunity to get a taste of what modern technology and software are capable of. And I´m sure that what I learned so far, is just the tip of the iceberg. So I wondered, are we straight headed towards a scenario similar to what George Orwell described … Continue reading

How does putting a price on time affect our ability to smell roses?

What do you do in your free time? Do you have a hobby? Maybe you like to dance like Bruce or you often go to sports? Do you like meeting friends, going on parties or do you prefer just to chill, lie in your bed and watch TV? What do you expect of life? What … Continue reading

The Fuss with SOPA and PIPA

NOTE: I know, that Fernanda already wrote on that topic. Unfortunately I checked our Blog too late and since I had already written my post about the two bills, I thought I will still publish it, since I put some effort in writing it. Sorry for troubling you again with this topic. The other day … Continue reading

Murderers now better watch their backs!

It was one of those lame Thursdays just before the exams, rainy, cold and the worst thing: No one wanted to go out due to exam preparations (that´s at least what they all said). So I began to zap through the TV program and stopped at CSI where the commonly-known scenes of crime flashed across … Continue reading

Personal integrity in the future – A vision

This interesting blog post about the life post Google by my fellow blogger Elisa, forced me to think about things I’ve consistently been avoiding. The topic is personal integrity. Why are provide great services such as Google Sites, Google Docs, Google Mail free of charge? Does free lunch exist after all?

The spectacular end of the world

I always knew there was a Mayan calendar predicting the world´s end in 2012. I saw the two films: 2012 and APOCALYPTO and enjoyed watching them but seen it as superstition. Now, that the end is coming closer and closer, I decided to inform myself and my colleagues about how the world is supposed to … Continue reading

Berlin goes art – MY BELGRADE

 Artist – Boris Kralj Boris Kralj, graduated in photography at Lette-Verein in Berlin is one of the most creative heads I know and it’s definitely worth getting to know him and especially his work! Mr. Kralj focuses not only on high fashion and portraits but also on incredible realization of ART AND REPORTAGE through photography and visual … Continue reading

Nudity – Courage or Naivety?

A self portrait… …but not just any self portrait stirred up a worldwide debate. The young woman wears nothing but red ballerinas, a same colored hair bow, and nylons. For us, in the western world, where we are frequently confronted with nudity, in news, television or magazine covers, this is nothing exciting. However for the … Continue reading

Non Compos Mentis – an overall solution?

Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik – declared as insane  Terrorist responsible for 77 deaths  Anders Breivik is liable for the attack, occured on 22th July 2011 in Norway, which led to the death of 77 innocent people. Motivated by his far-right  militant ideology he killed eight people with a car bomb in the centre of … Continue reading