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With 2012 just started, do we have 1984 ahead of us?

Throughout this class I had more than once the opportunity to get a taste of what modern technology and software are capable of. And I´m sure that what I learned so far, is just the tip of the iceberg. So I wondered, are we straight headed towards a scenario similar to what George Orwell described … Continue reading

Attack by the Pirates

How do you get access to new music, movies and media in general? In most cases, someone posted a video with “listen to this!” on your wall, sent you a link to a work of his favorite artist or drew your attention via another way. How do you proceed afterwards, when you like that recommendation? … Continue reading

The Fuss with SOPA and PIPA

NOTE: I know, that Fernanda already wrote on that topic. Unfortunately I checked our Blog too late and since I had already written my post about the two bills, I thought I will still publish it, since I put some effort in writing it. Sorry for troubling you again with this topic. The other day … Continue reading

Poland – A Green Island?

  Economic development  The Polish economy has come a long way since the fall of the Iron Curtain. The end of communism in 1989 triggered a sharp and progressive transition away from state control towards a private, market-based economy. By shifting to a Capitalist free market, Poland is one of the biggest success stories of … Continue reading

Aren’t we all pirates?

“Wikip-lack” Looking for a definition on Wikipedia in order to get a brief overview about the topic for the next blog post, I stumbled over this image: Thus – a change of plans occurred and the research towards the happenings in the US Congress and why Wikipedia involves themselves began.

Internet Freedom in China? You´re kiddin´ right?

When I first thought about this task – writing weekly blog entries – I thought “great, more work”. But when I started researching possible topics, I came across several, very interesting New York Times articles that all had one topic in common: “media and news restriction in China”. Reading those, I realized how happy we … Continue reading

Politics – Does the Italian nation itself share the blame?

He calls Italy a shit country: Italians Ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. He seems to forget that he was one of the protagonists in the play: “Gettin’ Italy down”. Keeping his macho-image, paying 30 prostitutes for sex services, he has become the asshole of the Italian nation and Europe. His resignation was celebrated around the world. … Continue reading