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Why authors need ebooks

As I earlier have been writing about how news shifts from print to digital editions, I happened to discuss the matter with a friend of mine, who has written lots of short stories, but does not know where to turn to get his works published. After been digging into how citizen journalism is reclaiming their … Continue reading

Chief journalist: me?

Are printed news worth the money? Do you know that feeling of information overflow and being overwhelmed by your newspaper? (At least those of you who still read printed news.) Often I have a hard time reading through the whole newspaper, firstly because of time issues and secondly because there are articles which do not … Continue reading

First mover in news business

If you have not yet heard about the first mover, you should definitely keep reading. Knowing the concept can make a great difference to your personal life, your business and your ability of understanding the world. In my last posts, I have been discussing how the business in news corporations is shifting and that new … Continue reading

Who wants yesterday’s papers?

Sang Mick Jagger a long time ago. (Though his lyrics might have been stressed on something else…) Still the words, though completely put out of context, are true in more than one sence. The world of news is changing in how they are being spread, who is writing the articles, and in what format they … Continue reading

Rustling vs Whizzing

Offline Rustling Each morning while walking out of the house,I grab a part of the weekly newspaper and start my way to university. Why reading only segments of the paper? To start with, the subway ride lasts about 30 minutes, which gives time for about 4 to 5 articles. Secondly, carrying the whole newspaper with … Continue reading