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Facebook oh Facebook, why betray us like that?

Who´ve read my last post and who´s following the news, knows already about what Facebook is up to these days, and I must admit, that I´m a little disappointed but not nearly surprised. Big Brothers New Clothes As Froma Harrop so wonderfully wrote, big Brother had quite a fashion update: T-shirts, sweats, boyish grin, curly … Continue reading

With 2012 just started, do we have 1984 ahead of us?

Throughout this class I had more than once the opportunity to get a taste of what modern technology and software are capable of. And I´m sure that what I learned so far, is just the tip of the iceberg. So I wondered, are we straight headed towards a scenario similar to what George Orwell described … Continue reading

Attack by the Pirates

How do you get access to new music, movies and media in general? In most cases, someone posted a video with “listen to this!” on your wall, sent you a link to a work of his favorite artist or drew your attention via another way. How do you proceed afterwards, when you like that recommendation? … Continue reading

The Fuss with SOPA and PIPA

NOTE: I know, that Fernanda already wrote on that topic. Unfortunately I checked our Blog too late and since I had already written my post about the two bills, I thought I will still publish it, since I put some effort in writing it. Sorry for troubling you again with this topic. The other day … Continue reading

Aren’t we all pirates?

“Wikip-lack” Looking for a definition on Wikipedia in order to get a brief overview about the topic for the next blog post, I stumbled over this image: Thus – a change of plans occurred and the research towards the happenings in the US Congress and why Wikipedia involves themselves began.

Finding my way to Robin Hood

Hopefully you´ve read my last post “Today’s Robin Hood wears a Business Suit, not Tights. “ If not, don´t hesitate to do so 🙂 As you might have noticed, I am very interested in the current financial crisis and everything that comes with that. So I´m scanning the news for articles and reports that might … Continue reading

Like or like not?

While reading Mattias’ latest post Print news still dominates – or does it? I wondered how newspapers manage to work the web efficiently and to create a website holding the readers and even attracting new ones. So that they are not forced to shut down as for example News of the World whilst the trend goes … Continue reading

My way of posting

This blog entry is about how I create my blog posts. In particular I am telling you how the idea of my NEXT post came to my mind and how I proceeded. First step: Choosing a topic The article with the headline: “Facebook IPO – thousand millionaires expected” immediately caught my attention as Facebook is … Continue reading

Finding the way through the web and weaving my own

Why did I write about an Egyptian protester posting nude photographs and not any other topic? This entry will explain the method of researching and structuring the posts based on “on the transparency of search, source, and argument“. It will also show how that leads to the discovery of related topics that I might deal with … Continue reading