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Facebook oh Facebook, why betray us like that?

Who´ve read my last post and who´s following the news, knows already about what Facebook is up to these days, and I must admit, that I´m a little disappointed but not nearly surprised. Big Brothers New Clothes As Froma Harrop so wonderfully wrote, big Brother had quite a fashion update: T-shirts, sweats, boyish grin, curly … Continue reading

With 2012 just started, do we have 1984 ahead of us?

Throughout this class I had more than once the opportunity to get a taste of what modern technology and software are capable of. And I´m sure that what I learned so far, is just the tip of the iceberg. So I wondered, are we straight headed towards a scenario similar to what George Orwell described … Continue reading

New thrilling business models

In my last blogpost, I discussed what “Medium is the message” implies: i e what news business really is about. To me, and to all of you reading news, one very interesting part of this industry t o d a y is to see how a completely new world of journalism emerges. Turi Munthe, founder … Continue reading

Is it already time for harvesting Apple(s)?

Every day when we open the newspapers, the RSS Feeds on the SmartPhone, take the subway or listen to the radio and more, we are confronted with daily striking news: Earthquake in Fukushima, Federal President Wulff still in charge, William and Kate: The Wedding of the Year… Another event hitting the world in October 2011 … Continue reading

Print news still dominates – or does it?

Over the last 15 years, news read online have been increasing. However, for big news organizations the total abolition of printed news are not to be expected in the coming years. A comparison of the five biggest newspapers in the US back in 2009 shows that still 88% of the customers read the print, whilst … Continue reading

A short insight into Corporate Social Responsibility

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? The term Corporate Social Responsibility came into common use in the 70s after the term stakeholder was found: All those on whom the activities of an organization have an impact. Through reports of child labour or adulterated food CSR moved quickly in the consciousness of the consumer. The conditions under … Continue reading