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Poland – A Green Island?

  Economic development  The Polish economy has come a long way since the fall of the Iron Curtain. The end of communism in 1989 triggered a sharp and progressive transition away from state control towards a private, market-based economy. By shifting to a Capitalist free market, Poland is one of the biggest success stories of … Continue reading

Berlin goes art – MY BELGRADE

 Artist – Boris Kralj Boris Kralj, graduated in photography at Lette-Verein in Berlin is one of the most creative heads I know and it’s definitely worth getting to know him and especially his work! Mr. Kralj focuses not only on high fashion and portraits but also on incredible realization of ART AND REPORTAGE through photography and visual … Continue reading

Non Compos Mentis – an overall solution?

Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik – declared as insane  Terrorist responsible for 77 deaths  Anders Breivik is liable for the attack, occured on 22th July 2011 in Norway, which led to the death of 77 innocent people. Motivated by his far-right  militant ideology he killed eight people with a car bomb in the centre of … Continue reading

Ukraine – thousands of dogs are being killed for the EUROPEAN SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIP 2012

Worldnewsforlife.wordpress.com is a very interesting blog dealing with all kinds of recent world’s news. Following their blog, I noticed an article that made me think. The article ‘Stray dogs in Ukraine killed before Euro 2012 soccer championship, activists say’, posted on October 24, 2011reveals the situation in Ukraine before the Euro Soccer Championship 2012. The author … Continue reading