Hi, currently I am in the 2nd semester of the study program International Business Management at the HWR Berlin. Amongst others we are taught the course Business Applications where we founded the blogging group "News woth Juice". The aim is to combine and finally present the very general topic "news" with business appliaction matters. Thus the repertory of posts is very broad. Since my interests lie especially in social-political and organizational areas, I focus the research on those topics. However "field trips" to other discussions occur as well while maintaining the overall subject news. Especilly interesting the analysis of the role news play in both daily and professional life.
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Attack by the Pirates

How do you get access to new music, movies and media in general? In most cases, someone posted a video with “listen to this!” on your wall, sent you a link to a work of his favorite artist or drew your attention via another way. How do you proceed afterwards, when you like that recommendation? … Continue reading

Aren’t we all pirates?

“Wikip-lack” Looking for a definition on Wikipedia in order to get a brief overview about the topic for the next blog post, I stumbled over this image: Thus – a change of plans occurred and the research towards the happenings in the US Congress and why Wikipedia involves themselves began.

Chief journalist: me?

Are printed news worth the money? Do you know that feeling of information overflow and being overwhelmed by your newspaper? (At least those of you who still read printed news.) Often I have a hard time reading through the whole newspaper, firstly because of time issues and secondly because there are articles which do not … Continue reading

Is it already time for harvesting Apple(s)?

Every day when we open the newspapers, the RSS Feeds on the SmartPhone, take the subway or listen to the radio and more, we are confronted with daily striking news: Earthquake in Fukushima, Federal President Wulff still in charge, William and Kate: The Wedding of the Year… Another event hitting the world in October 2011 … Continue reading

Like or like not?

While reading Mattias’ latest post Print news still dominates – or does it? I wondered how newspapers manage to work the web efficiently and to create a website holding the readers and even attracting new ones. So that they are not forced to shut down as for example News of the World whilst the trend goes … Continue reading

Finding the way through the web and weaving my own

Why did I write about an Egyptian protester posting nude photographs and not any other topic? This entry will explain the method of researching and structuring the posts based on “on the transparency of search, source, and argument“. It will also show how that leads to the discovery of related topics that I might deal with … Continue reading

Nudity – Courage or Naivety?

A self portrait… …but not just any self portrait stirred up a worldwide debate. The young woman wears nothing but red ballerinas, a same colored hair bow, and nylons. For us, in the western world, where we are frequently confronted with nudity, in news, television or magazine covers, this is nothing exciting. However for the … Continue reading

Rustling vs Whizzing

Offline Rustling Each morning while walking out of the house,I grab a part of the weekly newspaper and start my way to university. Why reading only segments of the paper? To start with, the subway ride lasts about 30 minutes, which gives time for about 4 to 5 articles. Secondly, carrying the whole newspaper with … Continue reading