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Facebook oh Facebook, why betray us like that?

Who´ve read my last post and who´s following the news, knows already about what Facebook is up to these days, and I must admit, that I´m a little disappointed but not nearly surprised. Big Brothers New Clothes As Froma Harrop so wonderfully wrote, big Brother had quite a fashion update: T-shirts, sweats, boyish grin, curly … Continue reading

With 2012 just started, do we have 1984 ahead of us?

Throughout this class I had more than once the opportunity to get a taste of what modern technology and software are capable of. And I´m sure that what I learned so far, is just the tip of the iceberg. So I wondered, are we straight headed towards a scenario similar to what George Orwell described … Continue reading

The Fuss with SOPA and PIPA

NOTE: I know, that Fernanda already wrote on that topic. Unfortunately I checked our Blog too late and since I had already written my post about the two bills, I thought I will still publish it, since I put some effort in writing it. Sorry for troubling you again with this topic. The other day … Continue reading

Finding my way to Robin Hood

Hopefully you´ve read my last post “Today’s Robin Hood wears a Business Suit, not Tights. “ If not, don´t hesitate to do so 🙂 As you might have noticed, I am very interested in the current financial crisis and everything that comes with that. So I´m scanning the news for articles and reports that might … Continue reading

Today’s Robin Hood wears a Business Suit, not Tights.

How banks could help to change the world for the better by simply accepting a modest tax, the Robin Hood Tax – Not Complicated. Just Brilliant. Some Time ago I read a short article in a German newspaper about a tax, that imposed on financial transactions, could raise an enormous amount of money, that could … Continue reading

Three Wolves in Money Suits

We have all seen them more than once these days. The weird arrangement of letters, that looks like a schoolboy was on a hyper-active learning spree: AAA, Ba3, Ca, CCC and so on. These letters are indeed a marking system, explains Rebecca Marston Business reporter at the BBC. This rating system is supposed to inform … Continue reading

You better check your phone for bugs!

Last Wednesday I wrote about the news restriction in China. During my entire research I thought: “Thank god we don’t have to deal with that kind of stuff. News restriction is not possible in our western world.” But then I came across the “News of the World” scandal, that, how a BBC article from august … Continue reading

Internet Freedom in China? You´re kiddin´ right?

When I first thought about this task – writing weekly blog entries – I thought “great, more work”. But when I started researching possible topics, I came across several, very interesting New York Times articles that all had one topic in common: “media and news restriction in China”. Reading those, I realized how happy we … Continue reading