Aha effects


The moment of a real aha effect I experienced three times.

Firstly when I realized that the web offers a lot more opportunities than I had thought before. Google Sites, Google Groups, Google Blogs… Especially Google Blogs is going to be a web tool I will be using in the future outside of university because as there is no pressure to the bloggers they can write their real opinion which helps me a lot to collect different opinions and understand the world a little more.

Secondly I was impressed by the programs there are. Working with Evernote does help such a lot to get your stuff organized!

Thirdly when Dr. B corrected my Facebook post I had an aha effect. Suddenly I felt that my post was super narrow-minded and I did not at all mention all possible perspectives. There were aspects proposed I did not even think about and I was really impressed. Then I thought of how wonderful it would be if people would have been so impressed by my own work.


Be specific with the keywords typing into Google. This is one important lesson I learned during the research for the blogpost. And this implies ask yourself what you want to know. Formulating a specific question that you want to answer after the research helps tremendously to find the required information.

Additionally, there were moments when I realized that not all the information I found, fit into the post. Therefore, I started to filter for the facts that seemed important for that moment, while the “leftovers” are still in my head and are useful in daily life. So, not everything has to “pressed into the juice”. There is time to eat the rest afterwards.

Finally, writing a group blog post and reading through the writing style of others is very interesting. We can learn from each other, if we want to and only a five minute talk about the way the others work is very helpful because then you may apply things that the others do and help each other. Thus, in the end we drink a multivitamin juice.


I’m slowly realizing what a powerful instrument a blog is. Used in the right way, and with the ping back system, one is ably to connect to a lot of bloggers out there. Through following certain blogs and writing on the same topics, it’s possible to be read back by people with the same interest. I’ve myself made contact with external people through my blogging here, which is one way of strengthening and building my own platform. If I were to set up a business on my own, I would definitely use social media to establish a brand.

Personally I’ve rediscovered writing and not only how fun it is to dig into a topic but how much more one understands from the topic!

I also liked how this class dealt with creativity, if not to a very big extent, at least a bit.

Finally and most importantly, after working a bit with databases and blog systems, I realized something about the great challenges of the future. If we are all connecting more and more to each other, also the access to information between people and states will increase. And just here, to gather all small pieces of information and store them it in a way, that people can find them, is the chllaenge of tomorrow. To build databases which still in 20, 50 and 250 years must be accessible.


First of all, throughout this semester I definitely learned a lot about google. How flexible and far reaching it is. I´m really impressed and a little shocked, that so many times before I haven´t even noticed that google was following me. Secondly I got admit, that the first time Dr. B tried to convince us to write our post in a different way, I was not really thrilled, because I always was content with my writing style and I didn´t see any reason to change it. Now after six post I have to confess that I learned how to approach a topic from different perspectives and it actually brought me forward and I hope that my writing skills have improoved. My third aha-effect was, that I now definitely know,that I´m not the biggest fan of online tools like evernote or mindmeister. It´s just not made for me, but it´s still good I tried it.



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