About the Juicepressers

Hello everybody, this is Juicepresser Pia.

I´ve lived in Berlin for 7 months now (originally from Stuttgart). Until now the only way I published my opinion was in very rare cases on facebook or I made my point clear just saying it.

I have never had a blog, this is my first one and I am very much looking forward to collecting very different opinions from different blogs about different subjects and thereby broadening my knowledge, human as well as factual.

I do not have a plan what my posts will or could be like, so the topics of my weekly posts will all be gut decisions and therefore most probably picked out of the most different areas. Keep yourself posted on my blog and feel free to leave a comment or feedback :-)!

Hello, here are some words about Juicepresser Fernanda:

News concern each and everyone of us in daily life. May it be the printed news, the screens in the subway, radio, tv. You can not hide from them. This blogging group is very interesting for me because we are able to cover an immense variety of topics. Music, Arts, Politics and more, everyone of  us will have a weekly topic, that he or she interests. Therefore, I agree with Pia, because I will also choose the topics of my blogs spontaneously.

As well as for Pia, Berlin is my official home for about half a year now. Before, I worked as an intern in the betahaus for several weeks and previously two and a half month in an event agency. Up to now, I’ve never comsidered to create a blog in a manner we attain it here. There is always a first time and I’m excited to see how blogging will effect my life. I’m sure it will.

Juicepresser Mattias

A bit of a news junkie and interested in daily life politics, economy and sustainability, which will reflect in my blogging. I care about different aspects of green economy and love anecdotes. My discussions will revolve about these matters and I hope that our blogs can complete each other and take us further in our debating. Please contact me or add a comment to my posts, if there is something you find interesting or want to discuss. Cheers

This is juicepresser Anne

Hello you guys! This is also my first blog and I´m looking forward to fill it with many interesting posts. I have several ideas what I could write about and I hope I find some interesting articles and other blogs, that I can summarize for you. I´ll keep you literally posted 😀 Looking forward to the next posts and to all your comments and feedbacks!

Juicepresser Vikii

Hello everyone! I’m Vikii and I was born in Berlin. Now, I am a student at the Berlin School of Economics and Law following the International Business Program.

This is my very first blog and I am looking forward to exploring all the opportunities a blog can offer. Our site is called “newswithjuice” and apparently deals with latest events that occur worldwide. Since news affect us all, I believe it is important to see yourself confronted with them. In general, I pick out issues that interest me most and should be given additional emphasis. I appreciate comments and further ideas on my posts to enlarge my point of view and the overall comprehension of that particular topic.



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