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Finding my way to Robin Hood

Hopefully you´ve read my last postToday’s Robin Hood wears a Business Suit, not Tights. If not, don´t hesitate to do so 🙂

As you might have noticed, I am very interested in the current financial crisis and everything that comes with that. So I´m scanning the news for articles and reports that might concern that topic.

Shortly before Christmas I was scanning the homepage of the “New York Times” (NYT) for recent developments of the current financial crisis. One headline and especially the related picture stuck out: “Tiny Tax on Financial Trades Gains Advocates”

I shortly skimmed the first few lines and discovered the words “the robin hood tax”. I checked with Google what that exactly is. The first page that popped up was: robinhoodtax.org. I remembered reading something about that a few month ago, so I set Google on blogs from the last month and started searching. Just by typing the words “Robin Hood Tax” in the Google search bar you the diverse, but mostly positive opinions about that topics. Many blogs and pages linked a video “the banker”.

After watching “the banker 1 and 2” I looked for ”Robin Hood Tax opponents” and in another tab “Robin Hood Tax supporter” to get the diverse thoughts about that issue.

Next step: reading through the blog entries and article, note some opinions and simultaneously writing my own thoughts in the comment section that Microsoft Office offers. Most of the pros and cons were steadily repeating the same superficial arguments, so I decided to dig a little deeper. Not that easy I got admit. But after a few clicks and several versions of “Robin Hood Tax details…amount…idea…founders…criticism” I had quite a good 3D view on that topic. Some of the blogs like Sanjay Baru´s pointed out some really interesting facts, others like Glenn Hubbards were rather shocking. I separated the opinions in pros and cons, collected some ideas for projects and then started typing it all in one go. Voilà.


One thought on “Finding my way to Robin Hood

  1. Since your post about Robin Hood really stoked me I clearly wanted to find out how you got there. It is great to see that you really got into the topic and broke it down to an extent that everybody is able to understand. I really like the way how you got there. Even though it sounds simple, there is always a lot of work behind it.
    You did a very good job to not only implement one opinion. Thanks, I will definately follow the development of this topic in the future!

    Posted by Nico | February 11, 2012, 1:38 pm

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