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My way of posting

This blog entry is about how I create my blog posts. In particular I am telling you how the idea of my NEXT post came to my mind and how I proceeded.

First step: Choosing a topic

The article with the headline: “Facebook IPO – thousand millionaires expected” immediately caught my attention as Facebook is a widely discussed matter among my friends. I read it and the basic statement was: Facebook will open up to the stock market, employees will sell their shares and 1000 of them will turn millionaires.That definitely sounded too good to be true.

Second step: Aha-effects

I read a few articles that basically told me the same. When I searched for blogs, they in fact quoted what newspapers and articles said but finally added the risks of the IPO:

1.: There is always the risk that talented staff would leave with their newfound wealth to make their own mark in the technology world by becoming entrepreneurs or investing in other promising startups -> competitors.

2. : Stock analysts consider the stocks too expensive

3.: The experience of the market site on the internet coupons Groupon, whose stock has lost 38.7% of its value since its IPO on November 7, might cool the ardor of some investors.

In a comment on a blog I found number 4.: If someone tells you he will pay, you are not a millionaire yet. Six months is a long time.

Keep yourselves posted about my blog 🙂


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