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Ukraine – thousands of dogs are being killed for the EUROPEAN SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIP 2012

Worldnewsforlife.wordpress.com is a very interesting blog dealing with all kinds of recent world’s news. Following their blog, I noticed an article that made me think.

The article ‘Stray dogs in Ukraine killed before Euro 2012 soccer championship, activists say’, posted on October 24, 2011reveals the situation in Ukraine before the Euro Soccer Championship 2012. The author precisely depicts how Ukrainian authorities solve the problem of straying dogs in Kiev and other big cities. The authorities have been already accused of illegal and inhumane methods of killing stray dogs that suffered from agony before they finally perished.

How can brutal doings like that still occur in the 21st century of our society?

There is a simple reason, I guess, for these inhumane actions: The cities of Ukraine shall be represented in perfect condition by summer 2012, gleam with modernity, cleanliness and order.

To conform to western standards?

Yes, this is a legitimate approach, but don’t we have to reconsider what we are acutally willing to pay for that?

There is obviously the target to clean out the cities, sterilization of straying dogs in order to control the rising birth rate is cost-intensive and not feasable in the short run.

Euthanizing these animals? Mostly, too expensive.

The current situation reveals that dogs are being poisened with banned substances which lead to cardiac and respiratory arrest and muscular cramps. Mobile crematoria are used as well, bruning dongs – abandoned or not – in the streets of Kiev. „Caputre and kill“ seems to be the parole.

Illegal drugs to „get rid“ of living beings simply to conform to western standards to enhance a country’s image? Are the authorities of Ukraine really immensely under pressure and can’t they reorganize their objectives differently?

Having read several post on that issue, I can comprehend the Ukrainian motives and intentions. Being the host of the EURO 2012 Soccer Championship breeds also several advantages for Ukraine’s economy and is generally a big chance for this country. This fact certainly leads to high temporal and financial pressure. In addition, a whole infrastructure has to be  constructed or renewed , this means new hotels, streets, stadiums have to be built in a short time. From my point of view the Ukrainian authorities must be overwhelemed with the current situation not possessing proper means to realise the objectives they have.

Nevertheless, I cannot advocate that straying dogs are being slaughterd. This is inhumane and barbaric. How can we enjoy our European nationalities play football, celebrating when our country wins and watch EURO 2012 tourist walk Ukrainan streets and party? THIS CANNOT BE TOLERATED. The price of thousands dog lives is simply too high simply to create a „cozy place“ of enjoyment and pleasure.



5 thoughts on “Ukraine – thousands of dogs are being killed for the EUROPEAN SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIP 2012

  1. I agree 100% with you. Reading your post makes me so angry. I cannot in the least understand how humans can be so cruel, just so the city looks like nice. I think the Ukrainian government should have thought about that, before applying for hosting the next football cup. I mean it looks like they just noticed “oh right we have a little problem with stray dogs. Hmm the cheapest and quickest way is to slaughter and agonize them just where we find them.” They are aware of the stray dogs for many years now. It could have been so simple. Just castrate the male dogs and you will automatically reduce the population. But that would have probably meant too many costs. I hate that attitude.
    I can´t believe the FIFA doesn’t say something about that. How can´t there be any restrictions or severe punishments for that. Have you by any chance heard the FIFA´s opinion on that topic? A very interesting, though very shocking post you´ve written. If you hear any news, please keep me posted

    Posted by anne | November 29, 2011, 12:45 pm
  2. I can only agree with you and Anne. In my Spanish class we just talked about this issue and what should be done about it. When you hear these kind of news you just cannot believe it and would immediately like to do something about. This, of course, is not possible in that way, but as Anne already wrote, it makes you so angry. Yes, I can understand that Ukraine wants to present itself in the best way, when soccer fans from all over Europe come, but this is just not the way to do it. And besides the great choice of topic, I think that your post is very well written and structured (I like the different paragraphs). Well done!

    Posted by annehwr | November 30, 2011, 8:12 pm
  3. The Ukraine seems to be unable to cope with the Euro Soccer Championship 2012. Besides a lot of corruption especially in Poland this Euro Championship brings a lot of problems with it. It also made me very angry and very sad when I read that thousands of dogs are killed only because Ukraine wants to present itself well. What kind of people are sitting there in top positions and give these kinds of orders ? It is unbelievable!! You chose a very interesting and current topic. I think your post is good structured and well written and I liked that you ask many questions! Good job!

    Posted by Kathrin | December 2, 2011, 8:51 pm
  4. The gist you’ve chosen is both interesting and depressing! Thank you Vikii this is an excellent example for how crucial humans can be.
    Probably these kind of developments take place not only in Ukraine.
    Recently I’ve found an organization which tries to help abandoned cats and dogs in Afghanistan (http://www.nowzad.com/).
    Fortunately there are people who like yourself at least try to do something against these problems even if its just speaking about these inequalities!
    Great post!

    Posted by Johannes | December 3, 2011, 6:12 pm
  5. Dear Vicky,
    your are so right when saying that it is horrible to kill dogs by the thousands just to clean up the streets before the start of the European Soccer Championship in 2012. I had heard about it before in a documentary report and was horrified by the cruel brutality the dog catchers showed.

    This kind of senseless slaughtering should be banned from the Ukrainian streets but the question is who is going to do that if not the government? This actually raises a question for me: Were there any protests going on in the Ukraine itself or any other countries? Did they achieve something?
    I did a little research (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/ukraine-calls-for-dog-killing-ban-6263495.html) and found, that people say to build animal shelters instead of killing the dogs. But of course, this raises another problem: Who is going to finance building all these shelters for 1000 of dogs?

    Of course I understand that an event like the European Championship is quite an event for any country and brings many positive things with it. But I ask myself how far are they willing to go to implement these changes and for what price?

    I think you hit a very current issue with your post and in my opinion it is great to raise as much awareness to that subject as possible!

    Posted by Saskia R. | February 13, 2012, 6:12 pm

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