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Rustling vs Whizzing

Offline Rustling

Each morning while walking out of the house,I grab a part of the weekly newspaper and start my way to university. Why reading only segments of the paper? To start with, the subway ride lasts about 30 minutes, which gives time for about 4 to 5 articles. Secondly, carrying the whole newspaper with me is firstly unhandy and additionally the handling of the whole paper would produce a much louder carpet of sounds. However reading just the “Dossier” is not as unhandy either. It takes about 7 seconds to turn over a page, while rustling with the brown tinted paper and pressuring the elbows into my neighbor’s rip. There are times when reading a newspaper, which usually is six times as large as the face, creates an uncomfortable situation.

Why then, do subway voyagers undergo this recurring and copious procedure? Because they want to be informed.

Online Whizzing

During the past years, a new reader group has been established. Smartphones and –pads found their way to the underground, now newspaper fetishists sit next to (smart) women and men, whose fingers whizz over the glossy surfaces without neither creating scraping noises nor bothering the co-rider. What do those reader have in advance? Both soundlessness and real time actuality.

While the traditional newspaper subscriber reads a formal report about for example Muammar Gaddafi’s death, the smartphone user skims through “The Story of the Gaddafi Story” by Craig Silverman. The journalist published a personal comment on the murder of the former Lybian dictator including meticulous twitter feeds by various observers.

Receiving news and opinions via online platforms and blogs has become a great trend coevally to the development of the web. Hence a new communication channel is conquering the world

According to Villie Farah, blogging is unaffected by the censorship of media. Online authors are hardly affected by it whereas press policies and the money suppliers who are the advertisers restrict newspaper or magazine journalists. The main revenue in the printed news is earned through advertisement.

Considering the online press, web anonymity and the impossibility of controlling the blog sphere gives a chance to everyone in stating the individual opinion and to avoid state control, claims Farah.

In addition Farah believes that the real-time transfer of eyewitness comments often draw a considerably higher interest to the reader than the article of an external observer after the event. People share opinions, commenting on each other’s blogs, which are a realistic resource for everyone.

Nevertheless, blogging also increases the risk of spreading rumors and false information. Farah claims that the blogs give a “voice to the voiceless”. This opportunity happens to be misused and may cause more harm than benefit.

What now – is there a balance between rustling and whizzing?

Therefore the critical evaluation of blog posts is a “must” for every reader. Not everything posted in the web is true, neither is everything published in a book, in my perception. Consequently, objecting the opinions of others carefully helps on the one hand gaining a wider horizon and on the other hand to determine the relevance for oneself.

Returning to our initial situation. Personally, I prefer to use both media, the printed use as well as the web. The weekly paper paves the way for a solid foundation of information. The traditional readers are able to take the advantage of blogs as well. Searching the web for further and deeper comments on a topic that interests is a remarkable opportunity for anyone, also for non-owners of smart technologies.

As Villie Farah describes the benefits of blogging, different web authors, such as Pavel Ushakov agree.

Nevertheless many observers believe in the downfall of the newspaper industry and the substitution by the online communication. Mattias’ post demonstrates an opinion about it. Speaking for myself, I prefer reading the newspapers and additionally to search the web for individual comments and articles.

The adaption of the news industry to the Web 2.0 fascinates, especially regarding the fact that all business from various areas transform their models as well. It is not only changing news but also the complete social life.

The question that arouses now is whether printed newspapers will still be demanded in the future?

About Fernanda

Hi, currently I am in the 2nd semester of the study program International Business Management at the HWR Berlin. Amongst others we are taught the course Business Applications where we founded the blogging group "News woth Juice". The aim is to combine and finally present the very general topic "news" with business appliaction matters. Thus the repertory of posts is very broad. Since my interests lie especially in social-political and organizational areas, I focus the research on those topics. However "field trips" to other discussions occur as well while maintaining the overall subject news. Especilly interesting the analysis of the role news play in both daily and professional life.


6 thoughts on “Rustling vs Whizzing

  1. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat subject to start our blog series with!!! I love the part where you say you like the REAL newspaper to read and then view single persons opinions via web because thats totally what i do 🙂 thumbs up – nothing to complain about!

    Posted by Pia | November 23, 2011, 10:59 pm
  2. I agree with pia, great topic!
    But I definitely have to say, said I will always be a “real” newspaper-girl. Same applies to books. I just love the smell and sound and feeling of a newspaper or a book and honestly I would never treat that for a smartphone. But I like the idea, to check certain topics on blogs again to see what others have to say about that. so far I was just discussing that with friends or family.

    Posted by anne | November 24, 2011, 11:45 am
  3. Hey there,
    to start with: your topic caught my attention. also your introduction was really nice and i remember that we talked about that topic just recently 🙂 the way you lead from ‘rustling’ to whizzing was cool and the way you write makes me want to read more. very nicely done!!

    Posted by alina | November 27, 2011, 3:31 pm
  4. Fernanda, thanks for the interesting topic, very nicely written and a real pleasure to read. To my mind you’ve arosed a very important question – whether the technologies are going to replace our traditional means of information – newspapers and books. Of course they are trying to occupy as more space in our lives as possible but I think that ordinary printed media will stay with us and people will continue to read even if it is not so bequem as to use for example iPhone or smartphone. The pleasure that you get with holding a newspaper, turning the printed pages with your fingers and smelling the fresh printed papers even though “six times as large as the face” can’t be replaced. It is like a nice old tradition.
    P.S. to be a co-reader in S-Bahn or Ubarn is sometimes amusable.

    Posted by Irina Prolubnikova | November 28, 2011, 10:15 am
  5. I’m very fond of printed news and I don’t think they are to be replaced in the coming years. However the bloggers for example eye-witnesses bring a vital view of what’s really happening. The bloggers’ role is here to stay since it has the possibility to reveal completening facts, in a way that newspapers can’t. They don’t have to be politically correct to such a large extent as news corporations. Interesting choice of topic I think.

    //// M

    Posted by Mattias | November 30, 2011, 5:06 pm


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